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About Team

Thank You "The Balochi Dictionary" Team:

We would like to thank all our team members for the effort and hard work they put together to make this project a reality.

Your teamwork, dedication and love for the mother language, Balochi has had made it possible to overcome challenges and complete the herculean task.

Thank you and congratulations to all team members for getting the Balochi-English Dictionary online.

Special Thanks to Mukhtar Hussain and Department of Computer Science, University of Turbat, Balochistan

Names in alphabetical order:
Affaf Masood Baloch عفاف مسعود بلوچ
Ahmad Abdulhameed احمد عبدالحمید
Aomar Karim Baloch اومر کریم بلوچ
Hajira Nasir Karim حاجرہ ناصر کریم
Hassan Baloch حسن بلوچ
Hammal Mansoor ھمل منصور
Husam Parvez حسام پرویز
Koda Abdul Hameed کہدہ عبدالحمید
Masood Baloch مسعود بلوچ
Mazar Mohsin مزار محسن
Parvez Baloch پرویز بلوچ
Sharaf Shad شرف شاد
Shay Bebagr شے بیبگر
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