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This work is based on the first-ever comprehensive Balochi dictionary “Balochi Labz Bald” of Waja Jan Muhammad Dashti. I am grateful to him for granting permission for the use of his work.

In the completion and publication of the dictionary, many people have extended their support for that I am grateful to them. I am indebted to Hebethan Umar and his team in the Balochi Academy for their all-out help and assistance in making possible the early completion of this work. I am thankful to Naguman and Manzur Bismil for their invaluable contributions.

Special thanks go to "The Balochi" team for giving much time and energy for making this dictionary available online. The Balochi team’s endeavor is the expression of their love for their mother language. Their efforts are undoubtedly a step forward in the preservation of our thousand years old language which is the foundation of the Baloch national identity.

Acknowledgements are due to Mazar Mohsin, Mukhtar Hussain and Department of Computer Science, University of Turbat. Their expertise in the field of Data Sciences has secured the dictionary’s data in the format that was required

Dr. Naseer Dashti
1st September 2020



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